Jimoto: Helping You See Your City

Design Strategy, Service Design

Jimoto: Helping You See Your City

When birds-eye navigation apps fail, JIMOTO gets you to your destination while enabling exploration.

** Winner 2015 CORE77 DESIGN AWARDS: Service Design Student Notable **

Our team believes that modern navigation should be easier to use, more engaging and should improve one’s spacial memory.

We observed that modern GPS Systems are not designed for shrot-distance, on-foot journeys. Navigating today is a passive process, often leaving the user without the ability to recall how they travelled to their destination.


With our Jimoto map and system, we created a more natural mapping experience that you can access on our app or in a convenience store location. We combined both birds-eye view and street view, to give users visual cues as they use the map. We also simplified our map to include just the necessary landmarks so that users do not get overwhelmed by too much information. Traditional GPS systems can weaken one’s spacial memory because they do not engage the user. With the use of Jimoto, people will find navigating more engaging, more memorable and more enjoyable to see their cities, all while developing their spacial memory.

Research, ideation, inspiration
Inspiration, sketch models, iterations
Sketch models, user testing, iterations
Final model - website/application interface.
Dayna Mailach

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