Bridging The Gap


Bridging the Gap Glassware In this set of four glasses, each glass has two simple handprint images sandblasted onto them, each with a different handprint position. The position of the handprints imitate where one would place one’s hand while handing a glass to another person. The transparency of the glass and the space between the handprints emphasize the concept of the design: the desire for connection, and a sense of ‘space’ or loneliness, that we all feel at some point, often while doing mundane, everyday tasks. The subtle design looks as a set, but can also easily be used for everyday drinking. Additionally, the design is comfortable to use and easy to clean. Although the message is apparent, and could be noticed over time and use, it is still subtle and could be used for many different occasions. The design also changes depending on a viewer’s perspective, so that each glass appears unique.

On glass insert: “Bridging the Gap is about the loneliness and the desire for connection that we all feel, in some capacity and for whatever reason, throughout our daily lives. The subtle moments of attraction and repulsion we feel towards each other can be confusing and for unknown reasons. It can be all in our heads or it can be a real, devastating feeling. This series reflects on this experience of loneliness that overwhelms us all at times, and stands as a reminder to not be afraid of a real connection. Rather, embrace it and instigate it.” [Glass, Nov 2013]

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